Day 2.5: "By 'Toot,' Do They Mean 'Fart?'"

Whoever thought that Texas would be our respite?

Madi(e), waiting for the rickety-est, whiplash-inducing Xyclone roller coaster.

Lauren's first upside down rollercoaster EVER. The Texas Tornado!

Oh, yeah, baby. Wonderland was the perfect relief from the back-breaking work of driving.

This carnival made us feel like we were 7 again.

We. Heart. Texas.

People drive the speed limit. "Y'all" is an actual word down here, not a cliche. Jeans and boots are the extent of style (we do not fit in here). It's barely humid, but enough to feel it in the breeze.

AND! We stumbled upon a DOLLAR carnival. Hu-freakin'-zah! The first ride we went on was the Rainbowwwww (super intimidating, I know), but we both giggled like mad women with the ups and downs and all-arounds.

Then Madi(e) said, "We should go on that one!". While we don't know what its official name is, we affectionately refer to it as "No, no, no. Please no more!". I kid you not, during the ride Madi(e) screamed "I'm sorry I made us ride this one!". And I continued to shake my head saying, "No, no, no, no." at every turn.

Then came the Mac daddy of all carnival dollar carnival night. The Texas Tornadoooooo. This sucker was a red and blue topsy-turvy ridiculousness of a ride. And! It was my first ever upside-down ride! As we climbed into the little metal coffin in which I was convinced we were about to die, Madi(e) tried to assuage my fears by saying that I wouldn't even feel it when we went bottoms up. What she didn't explain is that afterward my blood would be in all the wrong places in my body.

After all this excitement, Mad and I decided that we needed to hit the sack. We went on a mad dash for a place to crash for the night. The Walmart parking lot was too bright, the Church parking lot was too small (in that it was non-existent), but the apartment complex was juuuuust right.

Adios, Texas!


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