Instantly Improved Vision

Brian Regan.  Much loved comic of the Mormon peoples.  He has a bit about going to the eye doctor that is brilliantly funny.  Its pure hilarity lies in the fact that his observations are so true.  

I'm wearing new contacts.  I just had my prescription changed...after six years.  You ever wait that long?  Then you get new lenses and you're like "Man, I coulda been seeing things!"  How could instantly improved vision not be at the top of your to do list?  "Aah, I'll see tomorrow...I don't have time.  I don't have time! see clearly.  
No, I can't do that.  You see what's on my desk?"

Every single time I pull my glasses off of my face to clean them and realize how smudgy they had become, I have this momentary flashback to this bit.  Such was the case in Church today.  I looked at my lens and saw smudges of mascara, a few dried drops of rain from when I was running inside and some smudged fingerprints.  I had a passing thought:  How was it that I didn't even realize that they were this dirty?  And then Brian's words:  How could instantly improved vision not be at the top of your to do list? 
Perhaps it was the Church setting or maybe it was just a lesson that I needed to learn, but the very next thought–a thought that felt like it was something I already knew, but hadn't yet realized–was Is instantly improved spiritual vision at the top of my to do list?

At this time of year, many of us turn inward, reflecting on what we have done this past year and spending time envisioning the persons that we could be, the grand changes that we could make, in the year to come.  As we vision those grander horizons–those more noble selves–do we hope to see the world more clearly through increasingly spiritual eyes?

I wonder...

Do we do enough to claim for ourselves the vision that Christ would have us have in this world?

Are we complacent to view life through mortal eyes, despite our divine investiture?

Do our actions reflect a commitment to rely on Christ to clear our views of telestial splotches, fingerprints and water stains?

Above all, if we know the steps to gain better and more clear spiritual prescriptions, why is instantly improved vision not at the top of our to do lists?


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