Home Sweet Home

Some of you may recall my first post upon arriving in Provo.  Its tone was almost sad, but it was tempered with a hope that swelled up over the melancholy and swallowed it whole.  I was just going through some of my old posts to find a quote that I had written about last summer and stumbled upon these thoughts about making Provo home.  I was floored.

You see, the most amazing miracle has happened.  Somehow, somewhere in the midst of living this life in Utah Valley, Provo has become home.  A home that I missed when I was away with an ache....a yearning for the familiar, for what is mine, for my world.

How did that happen?

Believe you me:  I was not expecting this.  I was anticipating remaining aloof, to neglect setting down roots.  I thought I would put in my time and then flee.  Such is not the case, my friends.

I love my people (you know who you are).  I love my house.  I love BYU.  Most of all, I love the me that I am in Provo.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make Provo home.


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