Crack the Martinelli's!

I know what you're thinking.  I have found myself in the unique position of having reflective thoughts on the last day of the year.  It's not like the whole of the blogosphere is posting their thoughts on the past year and sharing their hopes, dreams and resolutions for the coming year...nooooooooo...

Still, I would feel remiss if I didn't put down some thoughts.  Mainly, I would feel ungrateful.  You see, this year?  It has been the best of my life.

But how make the post separate itself from the pack?  How to make sure that my thoughts on the past year don't blend into the white noise of every other bloggers' manifestoes?  (Is that really the plural of manifesto?)

I can say simply this:  As good as staying put can feel, it is the change that I have allowed to take place that has given me the most joy.  In all of my moving, yearning to put down roots and then eventually moving again, I have realized that it is the change–has always been the change–that has allowed me glimpse the higher plains that I could reach but that I couldn't myself see.

This year began on December 22nd of last year, when I flew out to Salt Lake City in order to receive my endowment in the Salt Lake temple.  The weight of and blessings from that decision aside, I knew...somewhere...that Utah was home.  When I got off the plane, I felt something click–I had a kick in my step, I felt grateful Utah existed.  Which was surprising.  I didn't know it then, but my love for the mountains, for the BYU Bookstore's FARMS section, for the Lambert was all preparation for me accepting a HUGE change in my life in coming to BYU.

So, when I drove down through the mountains from Wyoming into Utah Valley, I knew I was home.

This year has had tears–perhaps more than any year of my adult life–but it has been a year of lessons.  Of love.  Of evolving.  As some people kiss 2010 goodbye with merely more than a passing glance and others anticipate diving into 2011 feet first, today I'm happy to walk the line between the two.  I think I'm going to mourn the passing of this year and stride, humbled, into the next.

Here are some pictures from 2010–Thanks to all those who made it great!

Right after going through the Salt Lake Temple.

Sophia during a trip to the Outer Banks with Jen and Josiah.

The room of the Knights Templar on a visit to the Masonic Temple in Alexandria with ADS.

Seeing the New Pornographers with FEJ.

Sitting on the lawn with ADS after a tour of the Capitol.

Massive ice cream cone during a trip to OBX with FEJ.

A sunset the last night at OBX.

Mama House in Key West, FL.

Cutest faux-nephews ever on a wheelbarrow ride.

The Maharajess herself at Diwali at the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork.

The crew at the lamest/awesomest Christmas parade ever.

Madi, the princess of cool, at the Winter's Night in Paris party.

ADS and I spotted Michael Jackson in the National Botanical Gardens.


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