Day 2 of the Western Trek: The City Beautiful

What. a. fan. tas. tic. day.

I cannot even express to you how much I love Nauvoo, IL.  I woke up in Podunk, IN (also known as Mishawaka), drove 6ish hours and ended up in, perhaps, the most incredible place I have ever visited.  Seriously. 

I visited all the important sites - the Cultural Center (originally a masonic lodge), the print shop where they printed the Times and Seasons and the Nauvoo Neighbor, the Mississippi River, and more.  I finished up the day with a session at the absolutely breath-taking Nauvoo temple.  Incredible.

To top it off, it was a cool (relative to the 105-degree heat of Key West) day with a slight breeze coming in off of the water. 

Here are the pics...

The Nauvoo Temple at sunset.  I love how it picked up the color of the setting sun.

I learned how the Saints made candles.  They tied a rock to the bottom of string and dipped, dipped, dipped in tallow until they were thick and great.   

The sister missionary that told me that they used the dipped candles as opposed to candles poured into molds because the dipped candles were more resilient, longer-lasting and wouldn't break, even when dropped.  Essentially, they would dip the string once and move to the next string, allowing it to cool.  Then, they would circle back and dip each burgeoning candle again, let it cool and repeat over and over again.  If you think of the dipping and cooling as the peaks and valleys of trials in our lives, it's a pretty neat metaphor.

A demonstration of how the Saints would make rugs.

 I made a rope!

 Printing proofs of the Nauvoo Neighbor at the Nauvoo Print Shop.

A close-up of an article from the Times & Seasons.
The Joseph and Hyrum Smith statue at sunset.  Perfect way to end the day!
   One day.  347 miles.  Incredible memories.


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