Day 3 of the Western Trek: Council Bluffs, IA - Omaha, NE - Kearney, NE

Travel fatigue has definitely set in. 

I started the day off in great spirits.  Rested.  Vibrant.  Happy to be on the road again.  I made it all the way toOmaha, singing and dancing (yeah, dancing).  And then.

And then, I hit the wall. 


Now, there are two key factoids that might put this in perspective.  1) I have not just been traveling these past couple of days.  Starting August 6th, I have been going, going, going.  First, Outer Banks; next, Key West; now, driving, driving, driving.  2)  Until today, I have been very well stocked on media with which to keep myself uber entertained.  Road trip 101.  I burned a handful of music mixes and caught up on all of the NPR podcasts I missed while I've been traveling.  So, happily cruising along whilst laughing along with Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, Car Talk, and (of course, my personal favorite) This American Life.  But, I may have gone forward with a bit too much gusto, as my supply was exhausted as I pulled into Nauvoo yesterday.

Knowing that the above was the case, I tried to mitigate the damage.  I purchased a CD of a fireside about Porter Rockwell, the original Mormon bad boy (now there's an oxymoron), which kept me enormously entertained for its entire 2 hours.  Then I sang for a little while.  Then I turned on the first of my previously downloaded audiobooks, Youth in Revolt.  Definitely do not recommend.  It only took 11.2 minutes, 3 times thinking to myself Do Boys Really Think This Stuff?, and 5 head-shaking Eeeeuuuck!s to get me to turn it off.

But!  Lo and behold!  Cracker Barrel has incredible reviving powers!  I rented Stick by the Heath brothers and they had - miracle of miracles! - the only Blues Brothers CD I have ever been able to find!  YESSSSSSSS...

Okay.  Enough of that.  I went to a few amazing places today.  Take a look...

When I got off the highway at Council Bluffs toward Omaha, there was a sign for an orchard.  Of course, I went, I saw, I conquered (by purchasing apple and pumpkin butters - not by completing the corn maze above). 

As a side note, there have been so many times I have thought to myself today the following two thoughts:  1)  Well, this certainly is the Heartland, eh?  2)  This is exactly what eastern coast people think of when they hear "mid-west."
I stopped in Omaha, Nebraska for lunch and a nice mid-day walk across America's longest pedestrian bridge, the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.  It extends over the Missouri River from the state of Nebraska to the state of Iowa.  (See below!)

I was in two places at once!

And then, I got to Kearney, NE - clear across the state - and saw this. amazing. museum.  (A museum, by the way, that extends above and over Interstate 80.)  It's a museum/interactive exhibit about the pioneers that came through Nebraska on the westward expansion. 

One thing you need to know about mid-westerners:  they're serious about their pioneers.
And again, I say, "Lo!  And behold!"  An sixth of the museum was dedicated to the Mormon pioneers!  Above, a picture of a statue (almost Madame Tussaud-ian) of an early Saint with a handcart in the Missouri River.

Amazing day!  Another 479 miles.  Day and a half to go.


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