Day 1 of the Western Trek: Fayetteville, NY - Kirtland, OH - Mishawaka, IN

Today was day one of the five-day trek west.  I started in Fayetteville, NY (Upstate), where my mom lives, and drove westward.  With the sunrise in my rear view mirror, I began early, determined to reach Kirtland, OH by lunchtime. 

Kirtland was....amazing.  I spent just under 4 hours touring historic Kirtland and the old Kirtland temple.  Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are several thousand for your perusing pleasure.

Inside the Newel K. Whitney store.  So THAT's how they got those collars to stand up!

Books inside the school of the upper room in the Whitney Store, where Joseph Smith received many revelations found in the Doctrine & Covenants.
Inside the sawmill, where they carved the pulpits for the temple.

The Kirtland Temple from afar.
The Kirtland Temple facade.

So, there you go!  593 miles, 3 locations, lots of learning, driving and singing off-key in the car.
Up Next:  Nauvoo, IL


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