Kim Kardashian and Marriage

No, you didn't read that wrong.  I am actually posting about Kim Kardashian.  (Well, sort of.)  Xochitl Gonzalez had a really fantastic article that was picked up by HuffPo today, and I want to share it and maybe make a few comments.

My compliment to Ms. Gonzalez:  you are absolutely brilliant.

Check out the main body of her argument, addressed to the Kardashian herself, below.
Kim, despite being an actual celebrity, you were still blinded by the excitement of starring in a wedding.

Actually, ladies and gentlemen, Kim K's extravagant wedding was a slightly larger than life version of what is happening all across the country: we are WEDDING obsessed. Not marriage obsessed, but wedding obsessed. We are obsessed with the opportunity to be, the experience of, and the reminiscing about being a bride and all that it entails. From the chance to take styled staged engagement photos with matching outfits down to the getting to "splurge" on $5,000 designer gowns and red-soled Louboutins the average girl would never purchase, the wedding celebration has become in our culture an occasion for grown women to treat themselves like a celebrity for a day, the allure of which is so compelling, even REAL celebrities can't resist it!

Okay, call me crazy.  I am just not into weddings.  Like, at all.  Not even a little bit.  And while I sit, planning on how to prepare myself for a rock solid marriage, it seems that most others around me daydream of a wedding fit for a princess, regardless of the costs (both monetary and otherwise).  To tell the truth, sometimes, I think I'm a bit crazy in my non-wedding interest.

That being said, when I read Xochitl's article, a big part of me just screamed YES!  She continues by asking
If it were suddenly a universally socially acceptable custom to take 20K-100K to celebrate our 30th birthdays in a lavish and extravagant way, would we have as many weddings? Would we have as many divorces? I ask this as someone who makes a living from lavish wedding celebrations.

I don't have an answer.  I have my own feelings, for sure, but no concrete answers.

...But I do think it's an important question to ask.


Derek C. said...

Weddings have a social fairy tale aspect. Remember all those (DISNEY!) books and movies you viewed or read as a kid? They all end with a wedding and 'they lived happily ever after.'

Women want that princess for a day feeling. (Guys are not immune from this. Witness the man who wants his wedding day recreated - even though it ended in divorce.)
Personally, I'm more interested and atm, engaged in transforming myself into a Prince worthy of my Princess. Once I have found her, I will be expending my energies in making sure she knows she is my Queen every day for a lifetime.
A little more focus on this aspect from both genders would improve things a good bit, methinks.

Allison said...

Lauren... you're awesome.

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