DIY: Hand Warmers

You guys.  I don't know if you know this about me - because I have been suppressing it these past few months in favor of long days in the library and long nights with my nose in a book - but I really am a creative person.  So, when I saw these cute hand warmers on my Etsy news feed (did you know Etsy even had a news feed?  Me neither...), my normal thought of "Hey, I could make that." turned into a resounding "I am GOING to make that.  Tonight."  Plus, Mad has been absolutely awesome lately (...always...) and I wanted to do something nice for her...
...especially since wintumn is just descending upon us and she gets cold super easily.

So!  Even though no part of this blog is a crafting blog, gird up your loins and get ready.

Step 1:  Cut out felt hearts (or stars, or monkeys, whatever...).  You want them to be a little bigger than the size of your palm.

(You need 4 total - 2 for each hand.)

Step 2:  Gather your Bondex iron-on letters...

...and your iron.  (Set it to the cotton setting and make it so the steam is off or it will ruin the felt.)

Step 3:  Cut out the letters you're going to use.  I did Madie's initials, with red initials on the white felt and black initials on the red felt.  Place them where you want it on the felt and then put a piece of thin cotton (I used one of my cotton button-down shirts) over the felt/letters to protect it from burning.  Press down for 30 seconds and then let the fabric cool to the touch.

Step 4:  Carefully (ie. slowly) pull the paper backing off of the letters.

Step 5:  Get out your needle and thread.  (I whipstitched the hearts together because I like the home-made feel of it and I love the contrasting red thread with the cream felt...but if you prefer something a bit more professional-looking, then do the professional thing, turn the suckers inside out, sew it and flip 'em back out.)  Remember to leave a whole for the rice to go in.  NOTE:  I thought I was going to be all smart and just use hot glue for this project.  Then I thought about it - these are going into the microwave.  Just sayin'.

Step 6:  Get your rice and fill the heart envelopes about 85% of the way.  Make sure you move the rice around when you're filling so you don't have weird pockets of emptiness.  Also, I took an index card and created a little funnel... but only after I had already ended up with a lap full of rice.

Step 7:  Finish the stitch! 

To use, you just pop these cute little hearts into the microwave for 1 minute and then into your coat pockets.  

Word to the wise:  all my friends all over the globe might be receiving these for Christmas.


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