Day 1: It Takes 8 Days for Netflix to Get to Where We Were

Welcome to East Trip Coast 2011!

Oh, man. We were so excited to get out of Provo. So long Stinktown!

We found Scooby and his crew at Papa Joe Stop & Go in Moab!

Madi(e) and I modeling for Urban Outfitters near the Arizona/New Mexico border. We're going for a southwest look this season.

First destination? Check.

What state are we in? A state of confusion.

Mmmm! Too bad the honey got all over our outfits...

Madi(e)'s Thoughts:

FAVORITE THINGS: driving through Moab, being in four places at once (it's kind of like Twister, but with states!), microwaved dinner, mutant deers (but mainly just the way that Lauren was irrational about it), bear warnings and being sandwiched between 7 inches of memory foam and the roof of Ernie.

LEAST FAVORITE THING: 17 miles of dark, windy roads scattered with rural animals.

AND I QUOTE: "We need a song about something red... Or mountains."

Lauren's Thoughts:

Woah. Guys, day one of east trip coast was epic. But mainly because Mad and I sang at the top of our lungs (including a smashing rendition of Beauty and the Beast's "Be Our Guest") and took pictures of everything in sight. There was lots of driving, lots of laughing and a whole lot of (kind of over the top) excitement. We made up some awesome games to pass the time, like "Every time we see an animal, we have to make the noise it makes!" (which resulted in a lot of mooing).

My eyes were as big as saucers because everything was just so beautiful and every turn was a new panorama of gorgeousness. Freaking awesome, I tell you.

Tomorrow we'll tell you all about Albuquerque, driving through new Mexico and Texas, and how much fun we really did have.


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