Day 5: We Stayed With Someone With an Exhibit in the Smithsonian

Hi friends! Lauren here. Madie and I had different things going on in the District, so I have asked her to share her thoughts in her own post, which you can read below.

Aaannndd we're back... Sorry about the delay, we have been caught up in a whirlwind of adventure, walking and exhaustion. So let me fill you in.

D.C. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by type A, hard working, efficient people who all seem to have a drive to make the world better.

We drove in around 6 pm went to grab a bite to eat at the local Whole Foods and then Lisa and Joe drove us around the lit up Capitol after the sun had gone down. If you are ever going to do a tour of the monuments, may I suggest, no urge you, to do it at night. Not because it is cooler, because the heat and humidity are still present, not because you will avoid tourists, because they are everywhere all the time, but because city is so beautiful at night.

The FDR was my favorite followed by a close second of the Jefferson. They both had an air of stillness and their plea for unity and God-driven message was overpowering.

After a "ifyoublinkyouregoingtomissit" tour of the city we graciously welcomed the cool of Lisa and Joe's apartment.

The next day I headed out to meet up with one of my dear friends, Emily. Em has lived out in D.C. for the last year and it was so great to see her and catch up on the hot topics and gossip.

We stopped briefly at the Capitol building and then spent a good hour or so slowly gazing over the beauty and majesty of the Library of Congress. That building is so beautiful and feels so full of hope.

We stopped for a quick lunch, because when you only have a day to do D.C., there is no time for stopping, and then off to the Smithsonian's. We squeezed in 'American History' and 'Natural History'. My favorite exhibit from both of them was the exhibit of the First Ladies inaugural gowns... I know, how girly of me.

Our day was coming to an end and so was our energy, I'll tell you 95 degree weather coupled with intense humidity will zap any reserves you have. Em and I ended with a fabulous cupcake and a sweet goodbye.

Because I didn't know what the bus stops looked like, I walked back to Lisa and Joe's. All. Two. Miles. Uphill. Turned out it was my favorite part of D.C. I just love being by myself in new cities. There is something very fulfilling about walking the streets of an unfamiliar town.

Lauren and I said farewell to D.C. by driving out to and walking around the temple. It's incredibly magnificent and really does just appear out if nowhere as the "floating castle." I loved D.C. I think I could live there.


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