This Land is Mine

In this stretch of Interstate 80 between the Wyoming border and Provo Canyon, there is a winding road twisting and turning between giants.  These mountains are mine.

When I was driving down into Provo from Wyoming when I moving out here, I drove these mountains, watching an electrical storm dance across their peaks.  I cried the whole way from the "Welcome to Utah" sign to my front door in Provo.  I blogged about it here.

Recently, I drove this same pavement, returning from a rendezvous with some friends.  I had had a great time.  The muscles in my cheeks ached from smiling so broadly for so long.  I sang along with my favorite radio stations.  I loved the snow capping each mountain as I drove past.  I could not have been more content in that moment.

And then it hit me:  the juxtaposition between my tearful entry to Utah six months ago and this evening drive.  How different things were!  How grateful I was for Heavenly Father bringing me here!  I could never have imagined this life, nonetheless created it for myself!

My dear friend FEJ said to me when I was still living in DC, fretting about the move out here, "Heavenly Father doesn't downgrade our lives from good to worse.  He only ever upgrades us, even if it takes awhile for us to realize it."  In this moment, driving through my mountains on my stretch of highway, I knew that FEJ was absolutely right.


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