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Here's the deal.  I have 8 almost-complete posts in the works, but none of them are ready for the permanence of the "Publish Post" button.  But, I still have stuff to say.  Rough, unhewn, unpolished things.    So, here's what is going to happen.  I'm going to spew a whole bunch of random, disconnected thoughts your way, and you can take it or leave it.  Sound good?  Good.

Confessional:  I'm kind of obsessed with the stats that Blogger provides me on how many people come to the site.  I'm shameless in admitting it.  Isn't the whole point of being a blogger to play out whatever narcissism is motivating you to put your thoughts into the purview of the entire internet?  It is this obsession that led me to find out recently that I am Google-able.  One of you fine readers Googled "Lauren Kay House" latter day, which–apparently–yields a multitude of results.  This, in itself, was enough to feed my already large ego.  But then I told the Maharajess, who said she Googled me recently (before this whole episode) and found all sorts of pertinent things.  Gotta say, I feel like I'm really gaining traction now that Googling "Lauren House" doesn't yield 1,202,034 results for Lauren's House.

Confessional:  I don't blush at things I probably should blush at.  While some would say that I'm bordering on wicked, I just consider it part of my charm.

Confessional:  When people fall, slip or otherwise hurt themselves, it's funny.  The noble thing to do is to pause, check to see if they are alright and then let out a small chuckle.  Sometimes it's just funny.

Confessional:  I am currently adrift in an obsession with books.  On top of the fact that I already own a TON of books, I literally am unable to walk through the BYU bookstore, Deseret Book, Barnes & Noble or,*gasp* the biggest culprit of all, without purchasing a book (or two or three).

Confessional:  Second to Church, the most important three hours of my week is listening to my NPR programming:  This American Life/Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me/Car Talk.

Confessional:  I like asking for boys' help (even if I know how to do the job myself).  And, yes, I am aware that you might think that makes me anti-feminist.  

Confessional:  I can't find even a particle of myself that misses DC.  Provo is home through and through.

Things for you to look at:

My favorite typeface of the moment.  Look at those sexy thin lines.  P.S.  It's free to download.

GIFs are awesome.  Especially of babies trying grapefruit juice.



Anonymous said...

Ok, yeah the joke pic is hilarious. I wonder if Jack went off on them or merely called them a retard. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Joker, not joke, oops.

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