Over the past few days, I have seen all of my east coast friend's Facebook statuses change to "SNOW!" or "Snowmaggedon, Part 2!" or "The first flurries are falling!"

It has made me really excited.  (Mainly because I'm coming to DC and fully expect to inundate myself with the Christmas spirit whilst there.)

We have had some snow here in the 'Tah.  Not much, but sufficient to make me feel like an elf at the North Pole.  Unfortunately (but, also fortunately), it hasn't been snowy here for a couple of weeks.  In fact, it's probably in the upper 50's as I now write.

That being said, I have some photo documentation of our awesome snowiness that I thought I would share:
See the snowflakes?!  Falling?!  From the sky?!

 Okay, so it's more...icy...grass.  But still...pretty, non?

This is what makes me love Utah.


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