Ritual Renewal

In one of my classes, we spoke in-depth about the concept of ritual renewals – of those rituals that we perform the renew us, give us strength, give us power, give us hope.  As we discussed these rituals, I found myself realizing that I had fallen into a bit of a slump, each day only a slightly different facsimile of the day before.  I found myself in need of renewal.

So, I girded my loins (metaphorically, of course) and set forth to renew my perspective.  I spoke with an old friend.

      Wrote a handful of handwritten letters.

           Watched a woefully incredible sappy movie.


                     Read Hugh Nibley (that always does the trick).

                          And delved deeply into the Scriptures.

Each action was cleansing; each scrubbed me clean of the cynicism I have developed over the past few months.  Thus refreshed, I am finding myself (re)newly able to stand against the waves of life.

Just what I need to get through finals.


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