Don't Touch My Junk

I have been watching the recent TSA reactions with a sort of quizzical fascination.  Despite my political feelings on the matter (remember post-9/11 when every Republican and most Democrats were saying "If I need to give up a little personal liberty to ensure that this never happens again..."?  Guess what?  This is what that looks like, Joe Bob), I have to admit that I only had a mild conviction on the matter.

...And then I booked a flight to DC.  (More on that later.)

So, now I'm wondering what I should choose?  Virtual nekkidness?  Or physical assault?  I gotta say, I'm gonna go with Brak on this one:


austin said...

Yeah I'm kinda glad I'm not going to be flying this Thanksgiving. I give the policy another month or two before they trash it.

Good luck!

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