The Downward Slope into the Holidays

You guys.  I just finished drinking a cup of hot cocoa.


I was talking with Mad this morning and all the sudden I realized that it's November.  NOVEMBER!  Doesn't that make it officially winter?!  (Okay, with all these leaves on the trees, it's a little more like flinter or wintumn or something, but still... WINTER is involved.)

That being said, as I was talking with my mom tonight on the phone, little flurries started falling from the sky and I just felt the perfection of this world, of our God's creation.  I just had to smile.  (My mom on the other hand - who lives in Upstate New York - said, "Uh huh.  You like it now, but you just wait until all you have seen in four months is white, white, white."  To which I wanted to reply, but didn't, "Oh, mom, all I see in Utah every day is white, white, super white.")

With all this wintumn glory around me, I have started to scheme in my head:

Mason jars with candles hung all over the tree out front.  

Fires in the fireplace as often as humanly possible (which will mean that I have to figure out how to start a fire without going through 2 whole boxes of matches and 6 newspapers).

Advent calendar, anyone?

Holiday decorations.


Anyone else totally overjoyed with the change of season?  (If not, please don't burst my joyful little bubble!)  Want to scheme with me, my darlings?


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