Dad: The Original Hipster

I recently scanned in a bunch of old family photos and found myself realizing that my dad was the original hipster...

He played guitar in seedy clubs...

...but his musical talent didn't stop there.  He also played the highly technical harmonica.

And look at that apathy!

He used the hipsterest of the hipster photo forms:  the classic Polaroid.

And, oh!  The facial hair!  How could we forget that facial hair?!

Look at his wonderfully un-ironic wearing of leather moccasins and stripy too-small track jacket (on the chair).  

And, yes, that is my mom. 

While we're on mom, take a look at these:

I guess now, all that's left to be said is that I come from good hipster stock.  Hence:


Lyse said...

His mustache is sooo ironic.

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