Nerd City.

Guess what I woke up to?  A bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils and a sweet note from Mad.

It was, you see, the very first day of school after a long, dreadfully school-less summer.  Madie, knowing my absolute love for school supplies, classes and You've Got Mail, planned quite the surprise.  And, you must believe that it kept me smiling all day.

So, I guess that classifies me as a total dork.  

Other signs:
  1. I have been waiting for this day since four days after classes ended in May.  For reals.
  2. While others have been complaining all around me today about professors and syllabi, each class just made me actually sigh - out loud - with satisfaction.
  3. I could. not. wait. to get home from FHE to do my translations.  I even left a bit early so I could sit out on the lawn and make my Greek flash cards.

In all honesty, though, the reason I'm writing is this:  yes, I confess to be guilty of succumbing to my nerd-ocity.  Yes, I know, that I should be only begrudgingly engaging in using my head again, preferring instead the carefree days of summer...

Yet, here I am, tired, but happy.  I have to think that I am just so blessed by the Lord to have found the one discipline in this life that ignites me - head, heart and whole soul.  The knowledge that I was brought here, where Deity clearly had different ideas than I about my trajectory, is, perhaps, the greatest gift I have been given since finding the Gospel itself.  But perhaps that's why I love it so much:  I find the Gospel in a new way each and every day.


laura said...

Best of luck! I'm sort of sad to not be starting classes again. You are lovely.

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