The Rain.

I have remained mostly silent this past little while.  I have this policy of never, ever exposing on the internet the harder things of life, opting instead for a consistent tone of optimism and joy and happiness and curiosity and love.  I have figured that complaining on the internet has very little benefits and, perhaps most importantly, I have always thought that I have no business sharing my pittance of worries or fatigue when I have no idea the very real traumas of those around me, both close and at the periphery.

So, I have remained mostly silent.

Please do not get me wrong.  My life has plentiful joys and abundant laughter, and things are, mostly, good.  They were previously, however, great.  And the descent from great to good has thrown me a bit off kilter.  I want great again.  I'm working hard to regain that greatness; and that work is tiring.

So, I have remained mostly silent.

I'm breaking the silence because of a need to begin to unpack some of this stuff from off of my back so I can stop having silent conversations in my head about all of it.  But, truly, truly, no need to worry.  Life is good in the life of Lauren House.  I promise.


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