This is What Podunk Looks Like

My darlings!  I have totally neglected you!  The past few weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster (in the best way imaginable!), and with all those turns and loops, updating has been on the backburner a bit.  Let's catch up, shall we?!  First off, some travelogues, yes?

I took a little jaunt up to Idaho (no youdaho) recently and there was...GASP! internet.  In a world where the French have declared access to the internet a fundamental human right, I didn't know that internet-less places still existed in the modern world.

Apparently, that's just how Idaho rolls.

But seriously, though.  We had...the. best. time.  It's like its internet-less state made it possible to crack open the pandora's box of laugh-so-hard-you-cry.  Mad and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  Wait, scratch that.  We always laugh much harder than makes sense given the joke (or non-joke as it were).

And what did we do?!  Well, you just wait, I have some awesome pictures for you.

We went to Lava Hot Springs!  It was hot and cold ALL AT THE SAME TIME!  And it was steamy!  We got there late, but all 12 minutes in that hot spring were ahhhhhhhhmazing.

Madi(e) thinks it's funny to stand with her back to the photo in pictures.  AND CHECK OUT THOSE DUCKS!

 So, there was this time that Madi(e) and I totally freaked out at the awesome clothes in a thrift store whose proceeds went to an animal shelter.  And the boys waited patiently for an hour and a half.  (And we got them to try on women's clothing slash Michael Jackson jackets...all David needs is a silver glove!)

WHATEVER, BOYS.  YOU LOVED IT.  Especially the part where you got sippy sip for being so patient with our girly girl ways.

The great abominable snow beast.  I was slightly concerned that she was going to zip it up and then the zipper would get stuck and Mad would have to live her life in a great red, puffy, pillowy, snow-suity existence.

I dare you to find what's funny in this photo.  (You might have to view it full size...)

Bestly (that's right, 'best' was just made into an adverb) designed grocery store.  Ever.

All in all, a great escape from Stinktown.


treen said...

There are large swaths of Mississippi with no internet, or still with dial-up. I didn't swim in Lava Hot Springs but got in the hot springs at Yellowstone - definitely an interesting experience! And your funny photo - the license plate? Even if that's not what you were referring to, I laughed at it!

Lauren Kay said...

It is indeed the license plate. SOOOO funny, right?!

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