Stand All Amazed

I have several pots in the metaphorical fire, as it were, for upcoming posts.  The topics are disparate, ranging from the world's obsession with Mormons and sex to the act of creation to "When Mormons go public..."

But today, I just want to share one quick (as quick as this verbose girl can get) thought.  Then I will be off to classes.

When is the last time that you felt joy well up inside of you?  True joy.  Overflowing from your heart into your chest until you either have to laugh or cry because you can't contain it any further?

When is the last time you look at the world with the eyes of a child?  Full of amazement, brimming with possibility?

When is the last time that you fell to your knees in gratitude?  The gratitude being so strong that you couldn't stand...?

Maybe you feel these things in your own way.  That is wonderful and beautiful and special.  Don't trade it for anything that the world could offer you.

So often, I feel life overcome the me-centric thoughts and force me to turn outward, upward.  I sometimes feel so sad that it seems so few around me walk so briskly through life to stand all amazed.

So today, my thoughts are this:  Stand with me, dear sisters.  Stand with me, my brothers.  Pause in the swirling whirlwind of life for just a moment to see how beautiful the colors are as they pass by.  Life isn't moving any slower, heavens no, but we certainly have the choice to watch it go whizzing by with joy, amazement and laughter.  Even if just for a moment.

Life is meant to be enjoyed, for in joy we glorify our Heavenly Parents.

My greatest hope for each of you is that you might join Ammon in being swallowed up in the joy of God.*


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