Like Sand Through an Hour Glass...

...So Are the Days of Our Lives.

Cheesy opening, I know.

But honestly, I have been quite amazed as of late as to how beautifully, how gracefully each of these days passes into the next.  Perhaps more importantly, I have found myself in the most extraordinary position of loving each day with a more heated and intense passion than the one before.   Even when the day has been hard.  Even when I go to bed knowing that I could have done more, been more.  The joy still bursts from my heart, springing I might think, from a secure foundation of faith.

Take the other day, for example.  What I expected to be an ordinary day much more than I could have planned for myself on my best day.  And even now, when I rehearse the events of that day, the overwhelming gratitude and the incredible amazing-ness of that day cannot, I think, be communicated by sharing a play-by-play of its events.  And yet, at the end of the day, I found myself driving, singing as loudly as I could to music that was ridiculously upbeat, smiling and laughing and loving the life – and the me – that has come to be.

All of this is to say to all of you:  If you wonder whether our Heavenly Parents are cognizant of you, I must assure you that they are.  If you are unsure as to whether this life is fundamentally good, I have to say to you, it is!  And, perhaps the most important item I have to share:  if you doubt the goodness, the mercy, the kindness, the virtue of the Deity whom we revere, I say – with fullness of heart – He is!

I have no more or less to say than that.  We – we being all humans – are gifted with the greatest of gifts; that of love from on high.


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