A Cautionary Tale, or, How I Fell in Love with Pedaling

So, last summer I went to the Outer Banks with Fedge.  We had a great time.  Ate waaaaay too much food.  Took naps on the beach (that's how I got that sunburn on the back of my knees).  Took a bike ride to see some (lackluster) wild ponies.

Prior to said bike ride, I hadn't been on a bike in, literally, 5 or 6 years.  And I didn't really like it.  Too many hills.  So, after Fedge and I sat in line in a car for an hour and a half and were told that it would be 4 more to get onto the ferry, we went back to the beach house and came up with a new plan.  We would ferry over, ride our bikes the 6 miles to the pasture, then 6 miles back.  Sounded wonderful to Fedge.  She was giddy at the thought.  I, however, was none too pleased.

This was some serious commitment to see some wild ponies.

As a swung my leg over the bike and started pedaling, Fedge warned me of the upcoming disaster.  "You just wait," she said, "you are going to fall in love with riding bikes."  Hmm...Right.

The ride actually turned out to be super fun, despite the fact that there were ridiculously strong headwinds on the way out there and by the time we got back, I was caked with an inch of sunblock all over my body because I was paranoid I was going to get a sunburn.

And now, all I have to say is:  She was right.  I fell in love.  I've been out here in Provo–where everyone and their dog rides a bike–lusting over a bike of my very own to ride around town.  To feel the breeze in my hair.

That being said, everyone, I would like you to meet Victor:

Not only is he a bike, he is a metallic mint green cruiser with a brown leather vintage stitched seat and pedal brakes.  I am in l.o.v.e. with this bike.  He's got so much gumption.  

On the day I picked Victor up, close to a foot of snow fell, much of which is still on the ground.  So, Victor has been garage bound as yet.  (I have to admit that I rode him around the garage a few times, which was difficult to do, because my garage is the size of a sardine can.)  Nonetheless, I'm having visions of throwing on some plaid, lacing up my oxfords and riding down to the park as soon as the weather allows.

(BIG thanks to my über awesome sister, for gifting Victor to me for Christmas!)

Best. Present. Ever.


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