Bucket List for the Semester - 10 Things To Do by the Holidays

I do really well with goals. They make progress feel tangible. They help to pass the time with smaller benchmarks. Moreover, they make me research things in which I have genuine interest, but otherwise wouldn't be motivated to actually do. So, when I was preparing to leave DC, I created a bucket list. I had a great time crossing things off the list (I was, however, a bit ambitious).

All that being said, I've decided to create a fall semester bucket list for my time in Utah. I think 7 items will be a reasonable goal, which I've listed below:
  1. Visit with the Hare Krishnas in Spanish Fork during the Diwali Festival.
  2. Attend the meeting of the Genesis Group in Salt Lake City.
  3. Party down with the Bahais.
  4. Start a documentary group.
  5. Get lost in a maize maze. (Ha! Puns are awesome!)
  6. Visit Antelope Island.
  7. Ride the Snowbird tram to 11,000 feet.
To you past, present and future Utahns, have ye any suggestions?


austin said...

I think you've got everything covered, actually. Though I've heard there's a cool Quaker group up in SLC that might be worth visiting too. Oooh ooh! and if you're into the psychedelic/kitschy, the Pink Floyd laser show at the Clark Planetarium in SLC is legit!

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