Annnnnnd I'm up.

Is it a sunrise? A sunset? Who knows anymore?

These past four weeks have been a blur of early mornings and late nights, of school work and work-work, of new friends and new life. And I'm tired. So tired I'm tie-urd.

I gotta say, though, it's all worth it. Every hour in the library. I'm learning, and it's good, just fundamentally good. There are a few conclusions I have drawn that can only be learned by experience, like turning the volume down on the alarm clock is NOT the same as pressing the snooze button. Or, the fact that no matter how tired I might be, being awake, working late is alway better than saying to myself at 2 am, 'oh, I'll just take an hour nap, and wake up refreshed and ready to get back to work.'

So, while I'm happy (undoubtedly), and it's all worth it (certainly), I sure am counting the minutes and hours until thanksgiving.


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