#11 - Rock Out Hipster-Style


I am woefully tardy in posting.  Nonetheless, posting at all is a success, non?

To fulfill number 11 on the bucket list - going to see a show at the 9:30 Club - I went to see The New Pornographers.  I wish I could say "Oh, my goodness, it was fabulous!"....alas, I cannot.

While I have loved and will continue to love The New Pornographers, they are not incredible live.  They had a hard time warming up the audience and didn't deviate one iota from the songs' recordings.

Speaking of warming up the audience, it was so hot in the club.  Like, surface of the sun hot.  It was one of those 100-degree days and the club's air conditioning was out.  To top it off, the place was packed.  The closest thing that I had to air conditioning was the guy behind me breathing his beer breath on the back of my neck.

Here's what I will say, though:  As always, the music won me.  When everyone's miserably hot, and switching between bands takes forever, there is just always this moment where the entire crowd is into the music, and the room feels like it is pulsing with the heartbeat of the song.  

And that's my favorite part.  It's magic.


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