The Bucket List

So, as previously discussed, I'm moving!  So bizarre.

In aggregate, I have lived in DC for 5 years (just over 3 when I went to AU, and just under 2 this time around).  And, despite that fact, there are a number of things that I have never done...things which even the most cursory tourist has experienced.  Between now and August 6th (effectually the last day I will be living in DC), I have a list of 20 things I would like to do...

1.  Take a picture of Einstein's toes.  I just love this statue.

2.  Pose with a Greek God I've always been intrigued by this statue - it's incredible!

DONE!  3.  Go a little hipster at E Street The E Street Cinema has the best documentaries ever.

4.  Watch Teddy utterly fail one last time.  Nothing better than watching a grown man put a 40-pound plaster head in the likeness of a president run around a baseball diamond.  And, you know, there's the baseball, too.

5.  Take in the sights under the stars.  My very first night in DC years ago, my then-roommate, friends from orientation and I toured the monuments at night.  They're so beautiful - the best for taking pictures.

DONE!  6.  Visit the tripod one last time.  I love Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary - it's my refuge from the city.

DONE!  7.  Learn about my forefathers in perpetuam rei memoriamI am totally intrigued by the Masons, and really, really, really would like to tour the largest Masonic temple in the world.

8.  Remember the past.  So, I'll need to do this on a day where I can be depressed for the rest of the day, but it's a remarkable resource for remembering the atrocities of WWII.

DONE!  9.  Walk in hallowed halls Even now, years later, when it dawns on me that I live in the same city where the laws are being made, it knocks the wind out of me.

10.  Revisit my youth
Oh, come on!  90's movie night?  Outside?  HELLO!

DONE!  11.  Jam out to awesome indie rockNew Pornographers?  930 Club?  No brainer!

12.  Become a mallratPicnicking on the Mall sounds like a perfect Saturday to me!

DONE!  13.  Soak up the craftiness of Etsy in real timeI love Eastern Market, and I'm d.e.t.e.r.m.i.n.e.d. to go and buy a piece of art.

14.  Bask in architectural geniusBy far my favorite building in DC.  I just have to capture those arches on film before I go.

15.  Make a fool of myself in the Japanese tradition.   I've never karaoked before.  Now's my time to shine!

16.  Indulge in some childhood comfort food.  Sticky Fingers Bakery in Columbia Heights has the. best. vegan grilled cheese.

17.  Fall in love with a flying buttressAttend a service at the National Cathedral.  I hear it's beautiful.

DONE!  18.  Mistake a blackberry for a loofah.  Just about this time of year, the farmer's market starts carrying blackberries so large you have to eat them in three bites.

19.  Revisit my alma first alma mater.  

20.  Risk my life savings.  I always spend too much money when I walk into Politics and Prose.  It's bad news.  Bad news, I tell you.

Alright.  These are mine.  What would you do? 


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